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  • Velogicfit自行車3D動態設定Pro-Fitter

  • UA安德瑪簽約教練及康復師

  • Ceepo自行車品牌大使

  • Giant捷安特自行車培訓導師

  • ACE-CPT美國運動委員會認證教練

  • JoinCa運動醫學中心運動康復總監

  • Stick Mobility 全方位訓練中國導師

My Story



Accepted into a sports school for swimming training at the age of 4, Kurt went on to enter the Hong Kong team and the

University team in Canada after passing various tests. He continued to swim for 21 years. As a short-distance athlete, he has always focused more on explosiveness and sprinting. The challenges of triathlon were evident for Kurt: endurance training for the body, control of race pace, and cultivation and adjustment of mental toughness. As he said, "This process of pushing oneself to face challenges has made me braver. In addition to challenging the limits of my body, I also want to liberate myself through this process."

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