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Infinite BikeFit Origin And Evolution

Infinite BikeFit is a service philosophy aimed at providing every rider with scientific, professional fitting guidance and training programs to unlock their unlimited potential. The term “Infinite” conveys the concept of boundlessness, which is the core of the Infinite BikeFit philosophy.


Kurt’s passion for cycling led him to continuously seek knowledge about bike fitting during his participation in triathlon events, accumulating practical experience along the way. In the second year of his shop’s operation, Kurt traveled to Taiwan for further education, earning his first Bike Fitting certificate. He became the only Velogicfit 3D Motion Pro-Fitter in China, a significant achievement that elevated Infinite BikeFit’s status in the industry.


Today, Infinite BikeFit continues to grow and expand, offering comprehensive bike fitting services, training programs, and community activities for riders of all levels. With Kurt’s enthusiasm and professional expertise, Infinite BikeFit has become a leading force in the cycling industry, helping cyclists unlock their infinite potential and achieve their cycling dreams.

Bike Fitter

Infinite BikeFit

Kurt is a professional bike fitter, bikefit instructor, and triathlete. He is an ACE-certified coach and holds multiple international certifications in the field of sports. Kurt began his professional swimming training at the age of 4, undergoing a 21-year athletic career, during which he trained with the Hong Kong team and the McMaster University team in Canada.

In 2015, Kurt entered the cycling industry and founded Infinite Bikes bike shop and Infinite BikeFit fitting studio. Today, he is not only a fitter and coach but also a bikefit instructor, dedicated to helping more people enhance their cycling experience and performance.

With his extensive experience and professional knowledge, Kurt continues to shine in the sports field, committed to providing the highest quality service and guidance to every sports enthusiast.

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